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PT. Daek Mutiara Persada "DAEK" officially established on August 30, 2012.

PT. Daek Mutiara Persada "DAEK" is a contractor that specializes in Mechanical & Electrical. PT. Daek Mutiara Persada "DAEK" affiliated with PT. Mutiara Inti Raya that has been arise since 2010 with experience in the highly specialized scope. Our commitment to deliver performance and quality of international standard.

DAEK’s vision is to become a leading and trusted company and partner in the multi-storied building industry. In the future, this vision requires the best capability in engineering and technology, resources and quality. Being the trusted partner means carrying out its commitment as promised to other parties. DAEK’s mission is to become the best choice for design and build contractors that satisfies customers and provides the best services through an integrated design and construction work, which is optimized, environmentally aware, highly competitive, efficient, and cutting-edge in technology.

The types of work that in the scope of DAEK’s business are:

Non Residential buildings, consisting of construction, such as offices, schools, religious centers, healthcare centers, accommodation, trade centres, industrial/factory zones, sport halls, art/entertainment centers, warehouses, and others.

Residential buildings, consisting of construction, such as houses, residential estates, low-cost flats and apartments.

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