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Maxlite Lamp

maxlite Keeping in-step with its efforts of altruism, education and providing a positive environment that nurtures needy children and teens, Mooseheart has retrofitted its Child City and School campus with new, state-of-the-art energy efficient lighting fixtures and lamps from MaxLite. MaxLite, a global manufacturer and marketer of energy efficient luminaires and lamps, provided more than 400 energy efficient T8 Fluorescent bulbs and HighMax compact fluorescent fixtures. MaxLite fixtures have been installed in the Mooseheart Fieldhouse and classrooms.

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR® website, lighting consumes 25 to 40 percent of the energy used in commercial buildings, and lighting within buildings accounts for 23 percent of national electrical consumption. These facts reflect the importance and the strong demand for more energy-efficient lighting today.

In the Mooseheart Fieldhouse, old, high wattage metal halide and incandescent fixtures were replaced with MaxLite’s HighMax™ Compact Fluorescent (CFL) fixtures with a 5,000K-color temperature, which offer tremendous energy savings. Installed for general lighting applications, the HighMax CFL luminaires produce a brighter, cleaner, more calming balanced light, with better color rendering (CRI of 84) and better directional lighting than metal halide fixtures. The clear light of HighMax fixtures, with its advantages of instant start, integral ballasts, low maintenance and operating costs, was selected over competing lines. MaxLite’s HighMax fixtures deliver a high output (up to 12,000 lumens) at a long life of 10,000 hours and are available in both 2700K, and 5000K (in 150-watt and 200-watt models) with an E39 mogul or E25 medium base and can be used on 120-, 277- and 347-volt electrical systems. The HighMax fixtures are designed for superior heat management to maximize lumen maintenance and long life.

Managing a 1,000-acre campus with more than 100 buildings, Mooseheart enables 220 students to attend schooling from pre-k through high school levels. In more than 30 classrooms on campus, MaxLite’s energy efficient T8 Fluorescent fixtures were installed to increase light levels and enhance the lighting quality. Mooseheart replaced incandescent lighting with MaxLite’s energy efficient T8 Fluorescent fixtures. Over 50 teachers were extremely satisfied with the new lighting and how well the fixtures mimicked natural sunlight in their classrooms.

“Mooseheart’s Board of Directors was extremely impressed with MaxLite’s energy efficient lighting fixtures and their ability to help our organization secure clean energy foundation grants to subsidize the new lighting,” explained Mr. Strutz. “Management loved the look of the lighting fixtures, the quality and performance, and the tremendous amount of energy that the fixtures are saving.”